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    Unanswered: Un-expecte cases

    hi all,
    I 'm going to be a database administrator of a large system using SQL SERVER 2000, but i have a little experience in this area.
    Please, show me some un-expected cases that wil be happen when i do it, for example : server died, data in database increase so lager,
    AND How to solve this problem.
    Thanks for reading.

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    if you are truely taking on this task do yourself a favor and take some classes, that way you can get some hands on, learn quickly, and meet possibly some future contacts that you could possibly stay in touch with for when issues occur.

    posting messages on all the possible issues would take forever.

    if you do not have the funds to take classes, then please get an administrators book and start reading and going through examples.

    this is the best advice I can give you, there is just to much information that you will need to learn to build and maintain a good system.

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