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    Unanswered: Finding the rank...

    hi all...

    i hav a table STUDENT( NAME, MARKS)
    with the following sample data..

    Name Marks
    A 120
    B 150
    C 80
    D 100
    E 120
    F 120
    G 150

    and i want to give ranks to the students based on the marks scored.. if students score same marks, then same rank will b given and the next rank will b skipped...
    i.e... i want to rank the students like this..

    name marks rank
    B 150 1
    G 150 1
    A 120 3
    E 120 3
    F 120 3
    D 100 6
    C 80 7

    Iam using oracle 8i... and i want the sql query to get the list of students for a given rank.
    can anyone help me?

    thanks in advance

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    I guess you can use RANK () as an analytic function to determine the rank of each student and it will skip the rank if two student has the same score.

    for e.g

    SELECT name, marks, RANK () OVER (ORDER BY marks) AS "Rank of students"
    FROM student;

    I guess You have RANK () available in 8i but it cannot be used as an analytic function. It can only be used as an aggregate functions. So the above query might not work with 8i.

    You have to make your own custom function that work just same like the one above.

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    You are absolutely right Bhavin ...

    Here a little modification is needed for fulfilling kunchesm's criterian :

    SELECT name, marks, RANK () OVER (ORDER BY marks desc) AS "Rank of students" FROM student

    ORDER BY marks desc
    is required .

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