On charsets that have characters with symbols over (or under) them...

so I have a table:

create table foo
a_field varchar(100);

I'm in IE(someversion) and go to a web page that has french words in it with cedillas (that's a C with a comma at the bottom).

I copy and paste the text into an insert statement like:

insert into foo (a_field) values ('francias');

(the 'c' in the in the inserted column is actually a "cedilla")...

when I try to display it in a web page it comes up as a double plus sign.
(two plus signs on top of each other)....

then when I look at the source the cedilla is character 135 (which is invalid in the latin-1 character set [btw, i know very little about character sets and how to manipulate them].....

So, the column in the table (a_field) has a (decimal value of) 135 character.

Why can't I get this displayed as a cedilla? What do I need to convert the characterset? (Can I do that?)

What can I do to make my life easier in the future when dealign with latin/greek characters?


specifically... (and redundantly)....

I would like to cut and paste french,latin,and greek words into insert statements and ensure that the words I've inserted preserve the accentuated letters (those with cedilla or other funny marks around them).....

Can anyone guide me to a solution?

Pax, Keithb