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    Unanswered: Reconciliation Report as Excel

    I'm trying to formalize in my mind the best way to create the out put ie report of Excel for a db which acts like a bank reconciliation.

    Balance per bank: $$,$$$.$$ *****

    plus Deposit in Tran $$,$$$.$$

    less checks not clear $$,$$$.$$

    adjusted bank $$.$$$.$$

    compare to book $$,$$$.$$ *****

    diff s/b zero $$$.$$

    All of the above figures are provide by Sum Query and I also need to provide the detail listing for the deposit and checks since they are reconciling items.
    I would like to be able to email the results to my controllers.

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    Re: Reconciliation Report as Excel

    Assuming I have understood this correctly you could create a pivot report in Excel - Assuming this is where you want to view the data - Create a query/table that contains the data at the level of detail you wish to get to and use the pivot table wizard in Excel - May depend on what version you have.

    You can then create the grouped totals by the accounts etc. Double clicking on the summed totals will open a new sheet containing all the transaction details that make up the value. (will show all the fields you have imported).

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