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    Unanswered: How to use oracle 9.2 driver for oracle817's CLOB?

    Now I use Oracle jdbc to deal with oracle 817.Now I use createTemporary method to create C/BLOB.
    I creat C/BLOB and insert into Oracle8,OK.
    But when I select CLOB ,Some exception was threw.
    My method is:
    public String getClobAsString(ResultSet rs, int columnIndex)
            throws SQLException {
            logger.debug("Returning CLOB as string");
            Clob clob = rs.getClob(columnIndex);
            return ((clob != null) ? clob.getSubString(1, (int) clob.length()) : "");

    throwing a "Bigger type length than Maximum" exception.
    If I use oracle817 driver ,The method is ok.But that driver doesn't have temporary method.I want to use this method to insert C/Blob data to database.

    How to use oracle9i driver to select oracle 817 Clob field?
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