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    Unanswered: upsizing wizard

    I have several small web applications that use an Access database. A few of the applications are nearing a point to migrate over to a more robust database...i.e. SQL Server. For the most part, most of the databases are very simple. One or two tables used for logins, setting access permissions, collecting data from forms, etc. Some of the tables have relationships, but no stored procedures or advanced query strings. Very basic and simple DB's.

    Can you use the upsizing wizard or any other method to move to a SQL Server DB? If so, can anyone direct me to any tutorials or information on moving an Access DB to MS SQL Server? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    When I did my conversion I did the following:

    Enterprise Manager:
    1) Database level >> Action Menu >> New Database ... setup a name
    2) Highlight new database name
    3) Tools Menu >> Data Transformation Services >> Import Data

    Data Source = Microsoft Access

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