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    Question Unanswered: RAC on windows : A query


    I have a small query if soneone can respond. I want to know if there is any issue in running Windows Domain controller service on a Windows cluster which is running Oracle Real application cluster. The configuration is 2 nodes Windows 2000 cluster and RAC ( Oracle ver. We frequently encounter ipc errors on either/both of the nodes and while every other parameter has been checked, it has been suggested that this could be due to the domain authentication service running on the cluster. I want to know if it is recommended by Oracle not to run this service while running RAC ? I tried searching on the metalink however could not find relevant information.


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    Oracle doesn't recommend running a domain controller on the cluster.

    From the Release Notes for RAC on Windows:

    To guard against unnecessary troubleshooting, downtime, and performance problems, any node belonging to the cluster file system should not be:

    A domain controller.

    Configured as a DHCP, WINS, or DNS server.

    See the System Requirements section in the Release Notes.

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