Announcing the "Help Tool", the latest free FileMaker Pro utility from Toronto-based FileMaker Pro developer Utopian, Inc. The Help Tool is a 100% cross-platform, 100% multi-user friendly FileMaker Pro 5.x (or greater) file that you can integrate into your own solutions in just minutes, requires no 3rd party plugins, and is absolutely free!

The Help Tool is a self-contained help system that uses a familiar "topic / sub-topic" arrangement for displaying help information. All Help content is stored within the Help Tool file and creation and administration of the content is also handled entirely through the Help Tool interface; no FileMaker programming experience required! Additional features include a powerful search function, an "insert graphic" function (to augment sub-topic text, if required), and a one step method for displaying a specific sub-topic from anywhere in your solution.

A demonstration package of the Help Tool, including sample scripts and instructions on how to connect it to your own solutions, is available now at