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    Red face Unanswered: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Note: attached scenario

    Pls can any one help me generate an ER diagram and relevant tables from the attached scenario. I am relatively new to Database.

    However, i discovered some entities but i am not sure if they are accurate.

    1. Book Publishers(pub_num,name,address etc)
    2. Order
    3. Printing Job
    4. Print Manager

    NB: Pls could you fragmentate one of the tables you discover vertically.

    Plsssssssssss am on bended kness
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    we won't do your homework assignment for you

    if you make a good effort, and show what you have done yourself, we might critique it and offer suggestions or corrections | @rudydotca
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    If you're even having a hard time defining the structure of your database how are you gonna develop it?!

    Here's some thoughts, though:

    Usually the data structure requirements for a database are determined through a meeting with the end user. In most cases they know their business cycle and have a pretty good idea about the data that they want to keep in a database.

    If they don't then examine the current business practices:
    Current paper trail will give you a good idea about purchase orders, job/print requests, personnel handling, invoicing etc... From there you can derive a set of tables and field specs for those tables in each area.

    Once tables structure is semi clear you can start working on the user interfaces (forms, reports etc…) to collect and manipulate data the end user wants in the db..

    I wouldn't hold my hopes high that there's someone on this forum working in book printing business and knows the specifics of it.
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