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    Unanswered: Transactions in Oracle

    Hi all ,
    A Profile has been defined for a user with the SESSIONS_PER_USER parameter set to X.Can we change the behaviour of the oracle when the no. of simultaneous sessions exeeds the limit X. In particuler can we que the sessions request beyond the limit X.


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    When you exceed X sessions, you will get:
    ORA-02391 exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit

    If you are trying to get a more graceful way to handle session counts, I would create a logon trigger that checks the number of sessions already in use by the user... and allow the user to choose which session to terminate in order for them to logon with the current session. SESSIONS_PER_USER would probably need to be set to X+1 if you went this route.

    To answer your actual question, once the number of sessions reaches the SESSIONS_PER_USER limit, no more sessions are allowed by that user.


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