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    Unanswered: ASE to ASA

    (Sorry, My original topic was incorrect! Should be: ASE to ASA)

    A client needs to migrate an Sybase ASE 12.5 db to ASA - Are there any whitepapers, info etc. on the syntax differences between the two systems? The app accessing the db is Powerbuilder 9, I seem to remember that there is an issue with single/double quotes??

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    If u migrate ASE TO ASA.U must pay attention to them:
    1 DataType of column conversation
    2 U must rewrite all the triggers and procedures,because the SQL syntax is different
    3 If u use some ASE12.5 special feature,It's will be a trickiness.

    if u process all business rules in the client application(PB),so the Mirgration will be simple.

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    T-SQL is quite similar and compatible.
    ASA T-SQL offer more features.
    It's not necessary to rewrite all SP : only small changes are necessary.
    The parmeter quoted identifier must be set correctly.
    Creating an ASA db, use the T-SQL compatibility option

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