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    Unanswered: Resize Images using VBA

    I have an application where users will be saving images in a jpg format.
    This image is external to the database, the application just assists the user in uploading the image and a link to the image is stored in the db.

    My Issue.
    I would like to ensure a consistant size/resolution for these images.
    Does anyone know of a method to resize the image using VBA.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    What controll do you use to show image?
    I used a "Kodak Image Edit Control" to manipalate with pictures
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    What control

    The display control has not been determined at this time.

    My request is to be able to change the uploaded image file itself to insure uniform sizing.

    We wish to ensure that no mater what size the image the user wishs to upload, that we store a uniform resolution/size image. The file format will be jpg.

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    Update for those interested.

    I found a soultion using ActiveImage activex control.
    This seems to be able to do what I need.
    For those that may need somethhing simular, check out the following site.


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    Kodak Image Controls


    The Kodak Image Controls (4 of them) seem to be a very suitable solution for you - but it's only available in 95, 98, NT or 2000. For XP and ME, there's the Windows Image Acquisition Layer (WIA).

    If your equire something that works across all platforms, you will have to get something commercial - I suggest ImageExpress (Pegasus), ImageGear (Accusoft) or RasterMaster (Snowbound).

    You can find imaging related information including the Kodak and WIA controls from:


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