Is there any way of taking a piece of code into a transaction out of the transaction?

my problem is I have a dts which have tasks added to DTS transaction and tasks not added (setting the right properties in workflow properties to do that) but DTS ignores the properties and add all tasks to the transacctions. This way I cannot preserve data on tables wich are not planned to be in the transaction... when doing rollback all data goes away even data written for non-transactional tasks

Is there any way to force DTS to not add to transactions those tasks explicity setted not to add to transaction?

can I code something like:

begin transaction

insert into tran_table values (...)
... more stuff ....

insert into no_tran_table values (...)

...more inserts and updates and so...

rollback transaction

in a way that after rollback transaction command, insert command into no_transaction_code and end_no_transaction_code marks are no affected by rollback while previous and next code are affected by rollback?