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    Unanswered: AGILE to MACOLA Integration

    Some time back I put a lot of effort on and Automated Integration between Agile_and_Macola..., Just interested if anyone Else does have any other Agile to Macola Automated solution:

    The thing which I made is referred below:

    Agile Anywhere Application Adapter for Macola By Sunrise Telecom:
    We have developed an all Automated "Agile Anywhere Application Adapter
    for Macola" which has been running 24/7 and updates Macola accross
    continents..for a live demo please feel free to Contact SHRIMANT PATEL
    @ Sunrise Telecom,302 Enzo drive, Sanjose Tel:408-360-1269
    For the Key Features of Our IVA please click the link below:

    Thanks & Regards
    -Shrimant Patel-

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    Agile to Macola Adapter from Domain Si has now got a Agile to Macola Adapter.

    here is the link to the Manual

    The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter is an IVA (Import Validation Agent) that facilitates the automatic transfer of Part numbers and Bill of Materials information released out of Agile into MACOLA ERP.

    Key Features:
    Error Check: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter has knowledge of all Macola Working logics and table structures, and incase there is some invalid data coming out of Agile, the Adapter has 3-4 passes of data check depending upon which it could make a decision whether to let go the data coming out of Agile to Macola or not. Incase any invalid data is found the adapter won’t let it get into MACOLA and notify MACOLA users about the invalid data.

    Audit Trails: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter maintains proper audit trails of any data entry that it does to MACOLA, based upon which reports could be generated out of MACOLA to find out what were the changes made to MACOLA by the ADAPTER and when.

    Visual Indicators: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter is a Windows service that runs independent of any user logged in or not. But it has a GUI interface, which resides in the system tray of the server where SAIGA is installed, giving visual indication of each and every state of the Adapter and allowing the user to take required actions.

    New Part Notification: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter notifies users of all new part numbers released into MACOLA.

    Customizable Settings: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter has an enhanced set of GUI interface where all its operating parameters could be set, reset or changed depending on a specific MACOLA environment.

    Easy Operation: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter, could be easily be Started, Stopped or reset from an error state by right clicking its system tray Icon.

    Light Weight: The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter is built on Microsoft’s latest .Net release and care has been taken that it takes zero CPU time when idle and never takes 100% of the CPU even while processing the biggest of Agile ECO.

    Customizable Macola Defaults: Agile doesn’t send out all the column values for its equivalent item master, BOM or vendor master MACOLA tables. The SAIGA Agile to Macola Adapter has the default values for all MACOLA columns which could be easily customized using the enhanced GUI interface, such that it suits a specific MACOLA installation.
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