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    Unanswered: Splitting Database Output scross multiple pages

    I've finally got my database up and running, with a hidden page just for me to enter in information through, and now I would like to know if anyone could help me with this last feature I would like to include.

    I've currently got my database sorting (By Name, Genre, or Size, then descending/ascending for each), but currently there are 94 entries in the database, and it's growing each day.

    How would I go about seperating it to display sets of 25 per page, with a set of links at the top "Page: 1 2 3" where 1 2 3 are links for the next 25 results?

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    Database Paging
    Uses PageSize method of recordset.

    Paging Records with GetRows by Mukul Sabharwal - 7/5/2000
    Uses GetRows.

    Displaying a certain # of records on each webpage Paging
    Uses PageSize method of recordset.
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