i'm getting the FRM-101042 window error I did both next suggestions independently and I get a searching blank page in my intenet explorer but i can't see my form's view

"For the time being ignore Forms, but test just the Apache server.
Create/save a simple HTML static page in the "htdocs" folder.
Point your browser to it.
If it does not display, solve the more basic problem
before trying to get forms to work.
Both 9iAS R1 & R2 come with a sample/demo form.
Can you get that form to display?"

RESULT after doing this I dont get an error window, only the internet explorer still searchin for something and the forms builder sais module built successfully

"Press Start>Program>Oracle9i Developer Suite>Forms Developer and click "Start OC4J Instance", let this instance running in the background, and now run your developer form."

RESULT same as before

is there anything else to do
thanks and regards