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    Unhappy Unanswered: Paradox 9 Reports

    I'm having trouble doing some things with reports on tables I created a while ago. My original Paradox manual gives instructions on creating a report and linking it to a query that would run every time the report is run. The dialog box it references no longer comes up on Paradox 9. Can this still be done, if so how?

    Also, other people have since created Paradox reports on these tables, and never documented what table they use. I have looked everywhere in design, data model, and on and on, and CANNOT find where you look to see what table the report is using.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    First, you can still base a report on a query. Design the query and save it, then select it as the source when you define records, tableframes, etc... on the report.

    Second, if you open a report in design mode, you can click on a field and select 'define field'. This will open the field definition dialog box. If they used the 'expert' to make the report, then the table name will be the alias 'MASTER' by default, otherwise the name of the table(s) will be in the dialog box. To determine the true name of a table that is behind the MASTER alias, simply open the data modeller (the little button at the top left that looks like two folders offset) and you will see the table represented.

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