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    Unanswered: Error in max character limit(urgent help)

    I am submitting my data from my application to excel sheet but i have an error. Basically my data is about 1000 characters. so when I iam submitting, its no working caz data is too large to enter. But when I used data upto 255 character its working. My datafield type in excel is General.So plz help me I need it urgently

    Thnx in Adv

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    Length of cell contents (text) : 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar.

    Thus, "about 1,000" may mean that you went over the 1,024 limit.
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    THaks dear,
    Iam not excceding even 500 character. But I dont know why it is happening.

    I used 257 even and its not working
    Can u help me olz

    Thnx again

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