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    Unanswered: VB error "data source name not found and no default driver specified"

    I created a VB program on a Windows XP box that pulls data off of an Access 2000 db. I used the Package and Deployment Wizard to create the installation files. I was able to install this program on my Windows XP box and run it without a problem, however, I am unable to install it on a Windows 98 machine with Access 97.
    Connection String:
    Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;Extended Properties="DBQ=C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\MIKE\DESKTOP\GUSPROVISIONS2\gusProvisions 2.mdb;DefaultDir=C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\MIKE\DESKTOP\GUSPROVISIONS2;Driver={Drive r do Microsoft Access (*.mdb)};DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;FILEDSN=C:\Program Files\Common Files\ODBC\Data Sources\gusProvisions2.dsn;MaxBufferSize=2048;MaxS canRows=8;PageTimeout=5;SafeTransactions=0;Threads =3;UID=admin;UserCommitSync=Yes;"

    During install, I receive the following error:
    "An error occurred while registering the file 'C:\windows\system\msado20.tlb"

    If I ignore this error, the installation completes. If I try to run the program I receive:
    "Runtime error '-2147467259(80004005)':
    Data source name not found and no default driver specified"
    and the program will not open.

    Is the problem due to the fact that the Win 98 box has Access 97?


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    That file is a part of MDAC

    I think XP comes with MDAC 2.7 or 2.8, If you are using JET, do not install anything later that MDAC 2.5 as JET is not supported:

    Actually, anytime I release anything which uses MS Access as its DB, I never let the install program use more than MDAC2.5 - its safer.

    You can download MDAC 2.5 from Microsoft.

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    I figured it out!

    Thanks for your help. I tried downloading MDAC 2.5 but that didn't work. The runtime error was killing me so I installed VB 6.0 on a Win 98 box. I copied my project files over to the Win 98 box and tried running the program from within VB (play button). When I got the runtime error, I was able to click "debug" and find out where the error is occurring. It turns out that Windows 98 and Access 97 did not like my connection string. I rebuilt the string in Windows 98 and the problem is solved.
    XP connection string:
    "Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;DBQ=C:\Gus_Provisions\ b;DefaultDir=C:\Gus_Provisions;Driver={Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb)};DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;FILEDSN=C:\Program Files\Common Files\ODBC\Data Sources\gusProvisions2.dsn; MaxBufferSize=2048;MaxScanRows=8;PageTimeout=5;Saf eTransactions=0;Threads=3;UID=admin;UserCommitSync =Yes;"

    Win98 connection string:
    "Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;Extended Properties=DBQ=C:\Gus_Provisions\ b;DefaultDir=C:\Gus_Provisions;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DriverId=25; FIL=MS Access;ImplicitCommitSync=Yes;MaxBufferSize=512; MaxScanRows=8;PageTimeout=5;SafeTransactions=0;Thr eads=3;UID=admin;UserCommitSync=Yes;"

    I guess the main difference was the driver id.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

    - Mike

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