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    Unanswered: Stack error when loading images


    I'm creating a simple database that requires to load an image for each register. It runs well, but sometimes, when moving through registers, Access closes. When I tried in a different post, I obtained an error of type: Not enough space in stack.

    Why can it be? Thanks you by your time.
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    Form 'control_produccion' assigns a path to an image file for 'img_miniatura' picture control in the VB code.


    If you open form 'control_produccion' in design view and
    double click on 'img_miniatura' picture control there's a path to a file there 'H:\...' . When I tried opening the form in form view access closed on me with an error. When I deleted that path form opened fine.

    I hope this helps.
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    I'm not realized about that.... Thanks you.

    The problem I posted by was another. When you have the form opened, if you go through the regiters wery fast, Access (all the application) closes without any message.

    Thanks you.

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