Gchat Application is a graphical webbase chat with a lot of features including :

- AI Character Movement : Your specified character will move after you click. it will find its path by dijkstra pathfinding method and then moves.the character will be front or back of the sprites depends on its place.

- Public Messaging : when user is in the chatroom and sends a messages, all users will see that message above the senders character.

- Public Messaging : users can click on the characters so private message window appears. after typing message and clicking on the send button, that message will only send to the specified user.when that user recieve the message , its private message window appears.

- Friend list : users can add each other in their friend list so they can see their online status. friends could be added through private messaging window.Friendlist will refresh every 5 seconds depends on your connection speed.

- Profile view : here users can see information about each other which enter this information at the signup time.

- Signup : Here users specify a username and password and also choose their favourite character. also they might enter additional information which will useful in members directory search engine.

- Members Directory : Here members can search for users on their information provided into their profile, by entering the values. also they can search users by specifing their online status.

- Account Info : Here members will be able to change their password and also their profile informations and characters.

- Login form : Gchat's login form is made with a features that will help users to put this form in their website. and lets them to use Gchat in their website. after loggin in from another site, user connects to gchat application. after loggin out, user automatically will return to its login form website. also unregistered members might click on the sign up button on their website form, so user connects to our Gchat SignUp page, after completing the signup,automatically user will returns to that website for loggin in.