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    Unanswered: @#$#!! subreports!!!

    What's wrong with these things, my data's fine but I spend hours trying to make the stupid thing visible and say (somehow) that it has no data. There should be a property or method (and hasdata and nodata event do not work) that does this simply!AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!



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    Take it easy
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    Actually access have many bugs but in this case there is no Access problem, believe me there is no Access problem, you just need to find a way out, for example try to use UNION or some other way to get extra line when the rowset has no data
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    Chill and Debug it.

    Take a copy of your report and a copy of your tables (table/subtable). Reduce the tables to 1 row each with matching primart->foreign keys, then take a look at your copied report. If the report shows what you expect, it's something in your data, if not, there's something in your report. I'm assuming the table design is there.

    I read your part about your data being fine, and Access will sometimes make unknown errors. I haven't seen it make errors on accessing no data.
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