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    Unanswered: Split an Access application


    I worked on an Access 2002 application, many forms with VBA code "behind" them + VBA "standard" modules. The application is distributed to users in the .mde format.

    We are now two people working on it, and we would like to split the application in many .mdb files in order to work simultaneously on it.
    So we tried to split the application in multiple .mdb files, each .mdb file having references to the other .mdb files it uses, and we added public methods to expose the .mdb functionalities. It seems to work quite well.

    We are now looking for a way to convert these .mdb in a single .mde file.

    Is it possible ?
    Does anyone as any suggestion ?
    Thanks !

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    Did you try importing your tables/forms/reports... etc into a new db and compiling vb code?

    Or will you have to remove any references to the outside objects/modules and replace them with local refs? In that case how about just making up an empty form and in it's [On Open] event procedure do this:

    DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmNewMadeUpFormName"
    And then write a code to replace the refs.

    I used this technique to automate import of tables/forms into a client's db to upgrade them (delete and replace with new ones). This way every time you need to re-assemble your single .mdb all you do is import them into a blank db and open this form in a 'form' view.
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