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    Unanswered: Autoupdate combo box

    I'm a bit confused on the best way to handle this update in access:

    I have a table with two values, "Software_Name" and "Software Version" Software name may have something like "Microsoft Windows" the version may be "98" "ME" "2000 Pro", etc. What I am wanting to do is automatically filter so that when you use the combo box to select "Microsoft Windows" it will filter the next combo box. Since software_name could be Office, Windows, Acrobat, etc., the list of versions could get very long.

    Whats your opinion of the best way to filter the second combo box? what code should be inserted into the after update field of the Software_Name combo? Any help would be appreciated!

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    First create a lookup table with two fields.
    Fill it with all possible choices, e.g. ...
    Microsoft Windows    95
    Microsoft Windows    98
    Microsoft Windows    ME
    Microsoft Windows    2000
    Microsoft Windows    XP

    From the form, I would have one little procedure called from the after update. It would set the choices for the next combo box.

      AfterUpdate on cboSoftware

        me.cboVersion.RowSource = "Select [Versions] from tlkpVersions Where [Software] = '" & me.cboSoftware & "'"
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    Thanks a lot! My access 'programming' is a bit rusty since I havent done anything commercial in it for a few years, but I really appreciate the help on something so confusingly simple!

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