hi guys

i'am working on Faculty project about olap application on datawarehouse of telecomm company using oracle9i olap, so i decide to
use rolap and molap ,i understand rolap but i don't understand molap
in oracle9i (i mean analytic workspace) so where i can find a good
detailed papers about AW ,what it contains and how i can deal with it and how i implement it in my olap application and which oracle tools can i use to build my olap application.

and i read that with Analytic workapce i can create what called
modeling ,allocation,forcasting,and what-if analysis where i can find good examples about how to implement these issues using AW.

and i will build my Olap application using olap api and DML
so how can i show my reoprts in graphs and crostabs.

note : i don't need oracle9i documents because i read it and i didn't
find any practical examples to deal with AW and its usages.

Thanks alot