Here is a piece of ASP/PerlScript code I found on the Internet. How do i make it work for Oracle?
This is my setup.
The Oracle database is on Unix and the ASP script is trying to access it from a Windows box.
My connect string is called prodDB (which I have set up in tnsnames.ora on the Windows server)
Assume my username is jay and password is jaypwd.

Where will i specify the connect string, my username and password in the following code to make it work?


# Example 1: Creating an instance of the Connection object and returning a
# recordset that is looped until end of file.

my $SQL = "SELECT * FROM Members";
my $Connection = $Server->CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");
my $Result = $Connection->Execute($SQL);

# List all ID's while Result is not equal to end of file
while(!$Result->eof) {

# Close the objects