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    Unanswered: True/false value problems

    Hi, I am currently having a problem getting a true/false
    value from a table based on the values in the two other fields.
    My three fields are in the table are client names, boxno, missing (which is true/false). I have a combo box with clients names which after update affects a listbox contents (boxno). Sometimes this listbox contains more than one value (a client may have >1 file). Depending on which value of this listbox the user clicks on, I want the database to tell me whether or not this file is missing (ie true / false for that particular record).
    Please help!

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    Re: True/false value problems

    Below is the code for the after update procedure on the combo box:

    Dim rs As Object

    Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
    rs.FindFirst "[Name] = '" & Me![Combo1] & "'"
    Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark

    Me.list2.RowSource = "SELECT dead.[box] FROM dead WHERE (((dead.[name])=[Forms]![Dead]![Combo1]));"
    Me.list2.Visible = True

    This works but see previous post for problem of getting 3rd value

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