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    Unanswered: DB2 basic DBA checks?


    Im creating some daily checks so that I can chneck the healh of our DB2 database. As an Oracle DB2, I usually check tablespace usage and how much space is left. I also check other database objects and ensure that there is enough space for objects to extend into, along with checking the logfiles for errors.

    As I am not too familiar with DB2 I would appreciate any help with attempt to draw up some similar procedures.

    The db2diag.log is the equivalent of the alertSID.ora it seems. Strangely the LIST TABLESPACES SHOW DETAIL command doesnot seem to be showing any sort of space usage (free and total . Am I barking down the wrong tree ?

    Any assistance on what elese I should be checking as bare essentials would be appreciated. (also if these are easier through the GUI then please let me know).

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: DB2 basic DBA checks?

    There was a discussion on the same topic recently ... I remember dollar489 initiated it ... Search the forum, please
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