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    Question Unanswered: OS Authentication - checking domain and username with linux database server

    Database Server: Linux, Oracle
    Client: Win2000
    I would like to use external OS authentication to connect to the database with checking the domain and the username from the user connected to the windows client. My problem is to check the domain. If the Database Server is installed on Win2000 it works, if the registry-key OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN is not set to FALSE. What have I to do on the linux-server?

    Thanks in advance!

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    As far as I know two parameters needs to set in the Init<sid>.ora file which are
    a. Os_authent_prefix=
    b. Remote_os_authent =True

    In sql plus u need to execute a query which will tell u how Oracle expects the format of an Os authenticated users.
    The query goes like this.

    select OSUSER from v$session where username='system';

    Say Test is the domain and user1 is the name of the user.
    Suppose the output of the above query comes like this


    All u need to do is
    create user "TEST/USER1" identified externally;

    Then grant privileges like connect,resource etc to the user.

    After that u log in to ur client with the user .
    At the sql plus give conn /
    U will be connected to the DB as a user authenticated by OS.

    All the best,

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    Thank you!

    The result of the query
    select OSUSER from v$session where username='system';
    is user1 and not test\user1. And this is the problem. I need to check against the domain and the username.


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