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    I got a problem, the form is sending but without the information only the HTML but no info from the user. I was wondering; Do I have to declare variables for the information from the recordset? If it is yes, where sould I start declaring them and how?

    PS: The info that is not sending is the one from the table from a recordset.
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    Response.Write's are a good way to do some debugging to see if variables or recordset fields really contain the information you think they should.

    For example in a login page where the user's access level is assigned to a session variable one could do something like the following:
    Response.Write objRST("UserName") & "<br>"
    Response.Write objRST("UserPassword") & "<br>"
    Response.Write objRST("UserAccess") & "<br>"

    The second of the last line above is often required if buffering is set on (Response.Buffer = True) which it perhaps usually would be.
    The last line above is optional for if you need to stop the code from running after that point (i.e. to avoid a page redirect or something).
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    see this thread for more details....

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