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    Unanswered: Msxml2.DOMDocument re-downloads XML

    Hi guys,

    Problem with ASP or JavaScript??

    I have the huge XML files containg data of over 6 MB. The files are downloaded to the client's workstation. And the Msxml2.DOMDocument uses these file then on.

    ie. The XML files are downloaded to the client's machine from the server the first time only.

    Once downloaded the XML files available in the temperory internet files should be used instead of downloading them from the server again.

    This works fine on my machine but does not on some other machines.

    All machines under discussion are Win 2k and IE 6.0
    Also all the machines have the XMLs downloaded in the temperory internet files after the first time they are requested.

    Pls, could some help...



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    Have you checked the content is not expiring? (expiration headers)

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