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    I am using a table which has two fields in it. CountyID which is an autonumber and County which is a text value.

    In my forms, the user can pull down a list box to pick the correct value. The text value shows, the user click and the numeric value is stored in the table. That all works fine but...

    when I am using an expression in a report or exporting data to a spreadsheet, it only shows the numeric value for county, is there a way to show the text value instead.

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    You have to put these values in a table [a keyTable] for example K_Countery with fields like countryID, country_short and country_long
    fill your table

    Make this table as a RowSource of your ListBox or ComboBox, the user chooses a countery and its number will be stored in the table.

    Then in your Report, it should be based on a Query, which includes your Table and the KeyTable i.e k_Country, and choose the long name or the short name.

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