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    Unanswered: multiple table updates

    please help, I am trying to do an update across multiple tables as so:

    update (
    select t.external_ref externalRef,
    t.external_time externalTime,
    sdb.completed completed
    from trades t,
    sdblayoffrelations sdb,
    orders o
    where (t.order_id = sdb.cash_order_id_1
    or t.order_id = sdb.cash_order_id_2
    or t.order_id = sdb.layoff_order_id)
    and sdb.cash_order_id_1 = 999999999999
    and o.order_id = t.order_id
    and t.trade_time >= o.market_time ) sdbTrades
    set sdbTrades.externalRef = 66666666

    and I get 'can not modify a column which maps to a non-key preserved table'

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    Do you have access to Metalink? See Doc number: 1015219.4

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