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    Thanks for the past posts. I now have a database for Corrective Action from customer complaints. I have a table with the departments with the support persons email, supervisors name and email.

    The corrdinator will complete the complaint and email out to the responsible supervisor. The department supervisor will complete the form with the corrective action and when complete have another popup form that the supervisor will put their name and date and then there would be a command button that would email a message to the support person in that cell from the table above.

    I have everything complete with the exception of how to set up the command button to look at the table for that department support persons email and automatically send to only that person. This would happen for all the different departments.

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    If isnull(SupervisorName) then
    'add code here to email the responsible department supervisor
    'add code here to email the support person
    end if

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