I have a server that has the following average readings :

No. CPUs = 1
% CPU = 2
System\CPU Queue Length = 2 to 4
SQL Server:Buffer Manager\Buffer Cache = 99.85%
RAM in the box = 1 GB
Memory\Pages/sec = 1 to 5
SQL memory in use ( using Task Manager ) = 250 MB
Max worker threads = 255
Average number of connection = 60

So...........all indicators are that the CPU is idling, there is way enough RAM but we still have a ( in theory ) a congested CPU as the queue length is over 2 consistantly. Thing is, I need to work out if the CPU isnt working hard as the queue is long, or whether we can put extra databases/load on the box.

As the max worker threads are greater than number of connections ( 60 vs 255 ) we could reduce these as the number of users doesnt seem to alter much. BUT.......would this make much difference as if the 255-60=195 worker threads arent doing anything much, they shouldnt put any load on the server, right?

Any thoughts much appreciated.