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    Unanswered: SQLServerAgent error 22022

    I've loaded Microsoft SQL 2000 Enterprise on Windows 2003 Enterprise
    I've moved the database from Sql 2000 standard and everything work fine.

    The difference are that the new server Running SQL 2000 Enterprise is that the new one is running terminal service.

    I've loaded outlook 2000 as the mail client setup the account profile etc.
    - Exactly the same as the server that have SQL 2000 standard.

    When I test SQL agent mail session I'm getting the following error
    Error 22022: SqlServerAgent Error: MapiLogonEx Failed due to MAPI Error 16389: The MAPI Call failed.

    If I test the SQL Mail Configuration it returns Succesfully stop and start the mapi session with the same profile.

    Is it the best to move away from mapi and go to an smtp type mail service?

    Please HELP
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