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    Unanswered: creating an app with an embedded db


    dont know if this is possible

    i currently develop apps in delphi using mysql as a backend database. this means when i want to put the app onto another computer it needs to have mysql installed.

    is there a way where i can create an app with the database embedded into the app, or where the database is stored in a seperate file but the other computer doesn't need any extra drivers or software

    basically what i want to finish up with is an install cd with the app and db, and the user doesn't need to install any 3rd party drivers or software

    any help or advice would be grateful

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    I have used Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition to create distributable compiled VB6 applications that created, at runtime, access97-type databases and tables, using ADOX (ADO extensions for DLL and security). Haven't yet had the occasion to create tables at runtime, and preload them, using VB.NET and MSDE.

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