Hi there

I want to determine the best method from my two tables with an if statement.

So im going to have column K as my statement.

Columns A to D are my first table with JP Morgan details
Columns F to I are my second table with Citibank details

Example of table 1 - JPMorgan

Country Type Time Settlement

Argentina 14:00 0
Australia 17:00 -2
Austria 11:00 0

Example of table 2 - Citibank

Country Type Time Settlement

Argentina 14:00 -1
Australia 16:00 -2
Austria 11:00 -1

I want my If statement to use the settlement column as the most important. 0 is better than -1

So if Table 1 has 0 and table 2 has -1 i would like the If statement to put JPM in column K

However if table 1 and table 2 both have 0 then i want another if statement to say that if there the same go to the time and the later the time is the best option eg 17:00 better than 16:00

if both time and settlement is the same i want it to say equal

Can someone help me please