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    Question Unanswered: connection rejected - too many users, or invalid user name

    I have a working ODBC driver:

    IBM Informix 3.82 32BIT

    I am able to do a test connection to my Database server Quovadx using it with all th relevant parameters set including user name and password.

    I am using a third party application to populate the database using a Tcl (Tool Command Language procedure). The Tcl code used here makes call to certain odbc API functions which handle an SQL connection.

    The strange thing here is that when i use the code to connect i keep ending up with this Informix error:

    "16:40:07 (38) connection rejected - too many users, or invalid user name"

    I have tried to read up from the administrator guide but i can't find any clue as to what i'm doing wrong. Is this something i can handle by changing the ONCONFIG file? My Quovadx.log has also stopped logging for some reason.

    please help. I attach my ONCONFIG file.
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    Can you use the same ODBC config to connect to the database with another application such as WinSql, MSAccess, or Excel?

    That would at least cut down on the number of things that might be wrong if your ODBC config works with everything but your TCL frontend.

    Also, this might be a total reach, but I have seen third party OLEDB drivers that provide built in "test" facilities you can use when setting up a new connection that do not really test the connection, but actually just test that you have completed all of the required fields! Weird and misleading, but I have a version of Sequelink that does just that and it took us a while to realize it and stop using it. I know OLE is a different beast, but you may be butting up against the same type of issue.

    One other thing is I know IBM has an ODBC ping tool you could do testing with, but thats really all I know and I have never used it and dont know exactly how to get it. I would bet its in the Informix SDK though.

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    Thanks for the response WiccaChic

    On the last part, the tool that you are speaking of to ping via ODBC is a client tool that comes with Informix SDK which i'm using (version 2.81).

    Unfortunately it has not proved useful because for some reason its not functioning.

    Anyway I have used the Ilogin Demo tool to do db connection after setting up all my relevant environment variables via setnet32 tool. I am able to log on to the stores_demo database which is one of the default databases that come with IDS 9.2.

    In fact currently one of my Clients is already able to use dbaccess to do a Connection to my server and can see my databases ad tables.

    The only problem i have is with actually using the following Tcl command to connect to the database.

    'odbc SQLConnect $hdbc $server SQL_NTS $uid SQL_NTS $password SQL_NTS'

    in this case $hdbc is the handle, $server is my DS and $uid and $password are id and passwrod for the Windows user.

    Basically everytime i do this i will hit the Informix error mentioned earlier.

    I've read somewhere that this may be a ISAM error? Although i'm not sure why this has to do with Shared memory.

    Btw, my database server is on the same machine as my client driver.

    Help ....

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    Re: connection rejected - too many users, or invalid user name

    NETTYPE onsoctcp,1,150,NET
    Juergen Ladwig

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