I am getting this error while tiring to setup a replication between SQL 2000 & Access database using Linked Server.

The publisher already having another Access subscriber working fine with no issues.

Before adding the new subscription to the same publication I have added a field exported_to_as400 into the one the tables "units" which is one of the articles in the publication.
( I used the following to add the field:
exec sp_repladdcolumn 'units', 'exported_to_as400', 'bit default 0', 'all', null, 1,1)

When I create or Initialize a subscriber I am getting the following error

Field 'exported_to_as400' already exists in table 'units'.
Field 'exported_to_as400' already exists in table 'units'.
(Source: MS.Jet.4.0 (Agent); Error number: -1508)

I tried few times re-initializing the subscriber. Deleted and re created the subscriber from the beginning. No luck

Finally I dropped Publisher and the other subscriber and recreated everything from scratch.

Can any one help me how I can prevent this when I add field next time?