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    Unanswered: How to show the user..

    .. that there is a note attached to the record?

    I have two forms. Form no 1 is the main form and form 2 is the form that opens only from the main form. In form 2 there is only one record that can be filled in. What I want the main form to do is to make the text 'Notes' go bold or whatever when its form has been filled in.


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    On one of my columnar forms, I use two extra text boxes:

    An unbound field called HasMemo which gets populated in the FormCurrent event using the following:

    If IsNull([TMemo]) = 0 Then
    HasMemo = "Memo"
    HasMemo = Null
    End If

    The second is called flagMemo

    Note that TMemo is a field in the query of the form's record source.

    A tabular form is done differently:
    My budget form shows many records at one time. In the query I have a memo field included. on the detail section I have a text box that I set up as grey with a raised edge effect so it would look like a button. The control source for the field is:

    =IIf([memo]>"","Memo"," ")

    I also have these modules:
    Private Sub AcctMemo_Click()
    DoCmd.OpenForm "BudgetMemo", , , "[Account]= '" & Me![Account] & "' and [Year]= '" & Me![Yr] & "'"
    End Sub

    Private Sub AcctMemo_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Screen.MousePointer = 1
    End Sub

    And of course, whenever you play around with the mousepointer=1, you will need to put in code for mousepointer = 0 in the surrounding objects' mousemove event.

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