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    Unanswered: Active Directory Server Paths w/ Spaces

    I have a path that I need to import/export to that has a space in the path location. I am using the Docmd acexport......etc command but I can not export b/c of the space in the path name. This is on a network where I do not have access to rename the folder that has the space. Has anyone encountered this issue and/or found a resolution?

    The path is something like this:

    \\Server\Folder One\FolderTwo\

    "Folder One" is where I am having a problem with the space in the name.

    Please help. Thanks in advace.

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    surround it with quotes:

    "\\Server\Folder One\FolderTwo\"

    or if it is being assigned to a variable:

    dim stPath as string
    stPath = Chr(34) + "\\Server\Folder One\FolderTwo\" + Chr(34)

    you may be able to use & instead of + if desired

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