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    Unanswered: security and permissions


    I have never setup security on an access 2000 database, so please be patient with my limited knowledge.

    From what I have researched and read about doing this for the first time, it sounds like lots of fun (sarcastic). Let's just say it looks more difficult than running a wizard a "poof" the security and permissions are in place. Although I'm sure most inexperienced developers would love it, I don't think it will do since customization of permissions and user accounts must be factored in.

    I have a simple database and the security levels that I'm thinking about are as follows:

    developers - access to everything (maybe the Admin default? Not sure...)

    m_admin - access to all forms, reports, etc. Can add, delete, edit, etc. However this group of users cannot access any of the code, design features, and/or backend/database features.

    m_supervisors - read-only access to only selected forms and reports but this group of users is also restricted from any of the code, design features, and/or backend/database features.

    So, basically the only group of users that can make bug fixes and developemnt enhancements are the "developers". The other groups are front-end users.

    I guess my question is how to successfully implement a security and permissions plan? I know its a lot to ask for so if anyone has some good links to tutorials or documentation that walks a firstimer through the process I would greatly appreciate the assistance.


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    Havn't had a huge lot of experience with Access security, as I tend to write my own in VB, but from what I have seen in the past couple of months (I am working on access VBA - Yuck!):

    I am not sure access's security would work well for you.
    If you do want to secure your database using access's security, you are better off having 2 versions (1 for development and 1 for production), the production version can be made into a .MDE file, which is pretty secure (no one can look at code etc (though remember before making the .MDE to set the allow customization property of all menu and toolbar items to off). The Admin group always exists and yes this should be the group which your developers are in.
    The other thing you need to consider is that Access's security tends to be set for all database's on a machine, meaning just opening an new access database on your machine will require passwords etc.
    If you plan on using the software for a long time and/or want both developers and production version to be the same, then I would consider writing your own login/security routines, forms and tables - you can probably find some good examples of these on the net.


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    This article goes through alot about security, articles/q207/7/93.asp&NoWebContent=1

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