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    Unanswered: DTS Question - copy table from SQL server to non-SQL server

    I'm breaking into SQL 2000, and have completed a DTS package that imports and massages a file and creates a table with about 200M records.

    Now I want to add a process that will export the table to a directory on a Windows 2000 server, in a format such as Access, dBase, or someting else, to make the table available for users who do not have assces to SQL 2000.

    I'm having a problem deciding which DTS 'Task' should be used. I've tried several, but haven't stumbled on the correct one, or if I have, haven't realized it because of error messages.

    Any tips to get me started will be appreciated.



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    Re: DTS Question - copy table from SQL server to non-SQL server

    First, add a connection object that specifies your preferred destination (Access, text, Excel, whatever). Then, holding down your CTRL key, select first the source connection (your server), then click on the destination connection (the one you just added). Next click on the data pump task (aka Transform Data Task; it's the black arrow pointing to the

    Then define your source query (or table), your destination and any mapping changes you want to make.

    Best of luck,


    ...or, contact Brett Kaiser about how to do a BCP... ;-)

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