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    Question Unanswered: MS Acces 97 & weeknumbers

    I'm currently working on an Access application which uses dates a lot. In my company we have the habit of using the following date format" yyww.d" being two digit year, two digit week and day of the week (example 20-feb-2004 => 0408.2)

    In Access 97 you can set de format of a textfield to "yyww\.d" BUT this will give you a weeknumber in one or two digits (example 20-feb-2004 => 048.2) and that is could be read as Thuesday, week 48 in the year 2000... (differs a year or three ;-)

    Because dates have to be entered in continues forms, manual programming is possible but not that straightforward. Anyone who can help?

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    According to help:

    w Day of the week (1 to 7).
    ww Week of the year (1 to 53).
    m Month of the year in one or two numeric digits, as needed (1 to 12).
    mm Month of the year in two numeric digits (01 to 12).

    so, mm will give a leading 0 for the month, but ww will not provide the leading 0 you want. The only way I can figure is to format the date manually in vba, but it would not be pretty.

    I assume that you do not have to worry about dates like 1904.

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    Coding it in VBA isn't that much of a problem BUT that makes the textbox uneditable in the continues forms I'm using ;-)

    At the moment I have the date encoded in the query behind the form (speed issue) and use a pop-up calendar to let people enter a date. Not very fancy but it works. Would be nice if it was possible to have a textbox that was bound to a date and uses the "yyww.d" format

    The 1904 isn't a problem by the way...

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