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    Unanswered: ASP.NET connection with ADO.NET SQL Anywhere 9

    I am trying to connect to a SQL Anywhere version 9 database from ASP.NET using ADO. I think that I have the connection string set up properly, but I am receiving and error when trying to open the connection. The error is:

    General error: Internal database error ??? -- transaction rolled back

    Does anyone know what this means. Why a transaction roll back on trying to open a connection?

    My code is printed below. It is in Delphi 8. An ASP.NET application.

    strConn := 'Data Source=ASA 9.0 Sample;Provider=ASAProv.90';
    objConnection := OleDbConnection.Create(strConn);
    objConnection.Open; // Seems to crash here?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Found the problem. I was trying to connect to the database through a
    personal server. This definately does not work. Made it a network server and
    POOF! It worked. From C# and Delphi 8.

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