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    Red face Unanswered: retaining values

    I am trying to retain a value when I bring up a client in a form. If the client owes money it should show up immediately before entering in another payment. This way if the client does not make a full payment or an overpayment I can adjust it to the amount owed field. The problem I am having is that the field is not retaining the value. I get a payment difference value and set it to the amount owed but it won't hold the value. When I bring up the same client again the amount owed is blank. How do I hold it? Do I use a lookup function? Any recommedations would be appreciated.


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    What is the controlsource of the "Amount Owed" field? If it is an unbound field, you will need to calculate the pament difference and set it to the "Amount Owed" field every time the form is opened.

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