My client wishes to achieve automated failover with SQL 2000 but they are trying to operate on a tight budget.

I don't believe that purchasing cluster-certified hardware (including a supported shared disk array) is going to be a viable option for them.

As I understand, Veritas has their own clustering software that is more forgiving about hardware, but I hvaen't had a chance to look into their costs -- its easy to imagine that the cost of the software could be not too far off from what it would cost to purchase a supported disk array.

I looked into some of the Windows 2003 clustering options for geographically disparate systems (since they would not need a shared disk), but this configuration looks extremely complicated.

I did some more research and found an offering from a company Incepto called SQL UP! that claims to cluster stand-a-lone SQL servers. I am in the process of setting up a test environment to evaluate the product, but I am nervous at not being able to find much information about its production usage.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?