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    Unhappy Unanswered: Universe - non-admin = unnable to attach directory

    I'm trying to configure Universe on a stand-alone NT 4.0 server, and I get the error about non-admin users not being able to log in. IBM has a tech support page for this issue, but only if you have maintainence for it. We cancelled ours last year. :-(

    The topic on their web page is:

    Non-administrator users are unable to log into UniVerse. Error message may be "Ardent UniVerse telnet session terminating" or "unable to attach to given directory

    and the link is :

    If you're able to get to this, can you tell me what I need to do? Thanks.

    Mark Havens

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    A możesz to napisać po polsku? Ponieważ bardzo chciałbym ci pomóc ale wogule nierozumiem co ty tu napisałeś.

    btw// możesz spróbować z passion mode, może pójdzie.

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