Hi all,

I am trying to make use Oracle9i db to call an external .Net Web Service from a JAva Stored Procedure.

I created the .Net Web Service and use JDeveloper to create the Client Stub Java class(ie: serviceClientStub.java).

Following the instruction from the article"Calling External Web Service from Java Stored Procedure”, http://otn.oracle.com/sample_code/te...t/Readme.html, I connected to the database using SQL Navigator4.3 tried to load the required jar files(with Create public synonym and Resolve option checked) into Oracle9i database(ver They are loaded in the following order:

Where [OC4J_HOME] refers to Oc4j_extended that I downloaded from Oracle website.
[ORACLE_HOME] refers to oracle/ora90

However, most of the java classes failed to compiled. When I loaded the Client Stub class, it failed to compile as well.

This is the error message that I got:
ORA-29521: referenced name javax/mail/Flags could not be found
ORA-29521: referenced name javax/mail/MessageException could not be found
ORA-29521: referenced name javax/mail/MethodNotSupportedException could not be found

Any ideas how to resolve these issues?

Also, besides using the Client Soap stack library(above method), is there another way to be able to load the Client Stub class in the database, have it compiled successfully?

Your assistance will be highly appreciated!